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It’s other beneficial uses:

Obesity and  Weight Management, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Fat, Constipation, Piles & Indigestion, Body weakness, and stamina.

This product is being purely herbal & without any metal, contents is purely Non-toxic & Safe for linger uses. Anybody can use it since it also helps in preventing Diabetes.

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Anti Diabetic Ras is a scientifically proven and it is prepared under hygienic conditions . It is formulated using natural extracts of medicinal plants and ancient ayurvedic methods. As per name, Anti Diabetic Ras is highly useful for controlling both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This is regulates the secretion of insulin, tones kidney functioning, controls blood sugar level, treats constipation, cures indigestion, purifies blood and perform various health concern activities. Being herbal and naturally processed, this is highly safe to consume by diabetic patients. It helps in curbing sugar cravings, helpful in treating piles and Controls excess urination.

Karela, Jamun and Neem all are well known herbs famous for their anti-diabetic and rejuvenative properties. Vijaysara too have strong blood glucose lowering action. These are really very useful for Diabetes as they contain phyto-nutrients, polypeptide-P, a plant insulin, Chromium, tannins micronutrients, anti oxidants, meliacinolin and nimbidiol sort of constituents which are helpful for lowering blood glucose levels, controlling Diabetes and have strong protective and rejuvenative effects on various systems of body. This is very useful for all types of Diabetes and associated problems of all age group. Very useful to Manage Glucose Metabolism.

2 reviews for ANTI DIABETIC RAS 500 ml.

  1. sakshi

    i have been using anti diabetic ras from last 2 months and still working as same as the first day hence no side effects

  2. raghav dudeja

    perfect for diabetic patients as same as like me

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